Ashgate will be represented at a number of international conferences throughout the year - either with a book display and an Ashgate representative, or through display of promotional materials. The following meetings are a selection of those where Ashgate will be represented:


April 2014

Classical Association Annual Conference
13-16 April 2014, Nottingham, UK
Michael Greenwood

Political Studies Association
14-16 April 2014, Manchester, UK
Rob Sorsby and Brenda Sharp

European Conference of Social Work Research
15-17 April 2014, Bolzano, Italy
Claire Jarvis

Popular Culture Association
16-19 April 2014, Chicago, IL
Ann Donahue

The British Sociological Association
23-25 April 2014, Leeds, UK
Neil Jordan and Claire Jarvis

Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies
25-27 April 2014, Cardiff, UK
John Smedley

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May 2014

International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo
8-11 May 2014, Kalamazoo, USA
John Smedley, David Cota and Eleazer Durfee

Association of Ancient Historians
8-11 May 2014, Montreal, Canada
Michael Greenwood 

Law and Society Association
29 May-1 June 2014, Minneapolis, USA
Alyssa Berthiaume

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June 2014

Historians of Netherlandish Art
5-7 June 2014, Boston, USA
Erika Gaffney and Margaret Michniewicz

British International Studies
18-20 June 2014, Dublin, Ireland
Kirstin Howgate and Brenda Sharp

18th Biennial International Conference on 19th Century Music
18-21 June 2014, Toronto, Canada
Luana Life

European Architectural History Network
19-21 June 2014, Turin, Italy
Val Rose

Romance and its Transformations, 1550-1750
30 June-1 July 2014, Chawton, UK
Hattie Wilson

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July 2014

UK Association Buddhist Studies Annual Conference
1-2 July 2014, Leeds, UK
David Shervington

British Forum for Ethnomusicology
1-4 July 2014, London, UK
Laura Macy

Medieval and Renaissance Conference
3-6 July 2014, Birmingham, UK
Laura Macy

Digital Humanities
6-12 July 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland
Dymphna Evans

Reading Early Modern Studies
7-9 July 2014, Reading, UK
Tom Gray

International Medieval Congress
7-10 July 2014, Leeds, UK
Emily Yates, John Smedley, Tom Gray and Bethany Whalley

Electronic Visualisation and the Arts
8-10 July 2014, London, UK
Helen Moore

European Association of Schools of Planning
9-12 July 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands
Valerie Rose

16th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music
9-13 July 2014, Salzburg, Austria
Laura Macy

Society for the Social History of Medicine
10-12 July 2014, Oxford, UK
Emily Yates

New Horizons: Reassessing Women's Travel Writing, 1660-1900
10-12 July 2014, Chawton, UK
Beth Whalley

Society of Renaissance Studies 2014
13-15 July 2014, Southampton, UK
Tom Gray and Beth Whalley

15-17 July 2014, Edinburgh, UK
Sarah Lloyd

Society of Early Americanists Special Topics conf: London and the Americas, 1492-1812
17-19 July 2014, London, UK
Beth Whalley

Air Transport Research Society
17-20 July 2014, Bordeaux, France
Guy Loft

Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE)
19-23 July 2014, Kraków, Poland
Luigi Fort

International Political Science Association
19-24 July 2014, Montreal, Canada
Rob Sorsby

World Congress of Comparative Law
20-26 July 2014, Vienna, Austria
Alison Kirk

Ecclesiastical History Society
22-24 July 2014, Sheffield, UK
Hattie Wilson

11th International Conference: Civil Society and the Citizen
22 - 25 July 2014, Muenster, Germany
Donna Shanks and Michelle Spencer

JSWEC (Joint Social Work Education Conference)
23-25 July 2014, Royal Holloway, London, UK
Michael Drapper

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August 2014

Academy of Management
1-5 August 2014, Philadelphia, PA
Kristina Abbotts and Leigh Norwich

World International Studies Committee (WISC)
6-9 August 2014, Frankfurt, Germany
Kirstin Howgate and Brenda Sharp

Nordic Sociological Association
14-16 August 2014, Lund, Sweden
Neil Jordan

IGU Regional Conference
18-22 August 2014, Kraków, Poland
Katy Crossan

RGS-IBG conference
26-29 August 2014, London, UK
Val Rose, Katy Crossan and Fiona Dunford

American Political Science Association
28-31 August 2014, Washington DC
Rob Sorsby and Luana Life

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September 2014

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
1-3 September 2014, Cork, Ireland
Michael Drapper

British Association for the Study of Religion (BASR)
3-5 September 2014, Milton Keynes, UK
David Shervington

European Group for Study of Social Control and Deviance
3-6 September 2014, Liverpool, UK
Sarah Stilwell

8th ECPR General Conference
3-6 September 2014, Glasgow, UK
Rob Sorsby

British Association for Victorian Studies
4-6 September 2014, Canterbury, UK
Hattie Wilson

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference
4-6 September 2014, Leeds, UK
Heidi Bishop

European Society of International Law (ESIL)
4-6 September 2014, Vienna, Austria
Alison Kirk

European Congress on World and Global History
4-7 September 2014, Paris, France
Emily Yates

Catholic Theological Association (CTA)
8-11 September 2014, Twickenham, UK
Sarah Lloyd

British Academy of Management
9-11 September 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kristina Abbotts and Donna Shanks

Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)
9-12 September 2014, Nottingham, UK
Alison Kirk, Alex Papworth and Sarah Stilwell

European Society of Criminology
10-13 September 2014, Prague, Czech Rep
Alison Kirk and Claire Jarvis

IASPM UK & Ireland
11-14 September 2014, Cork, Ireland
Heidi Bishop

European Association for Aviation Psychology
22-26 September 2014, Malta
Luigi Fort

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October 2014

Nordic Patient Safety
2-3 October 2014, Stavanger, Denmark
Guy Loft

Museums Association
9-10 October 2014, Cardiff, UK
Dymphna Evans and Helen Moore

Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
16-19 October 2014, New Orleans
Thomas Gray and Dave Cota

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
27-31 October 2014, Chicago, IL
Guy Loft and Leigh Norwich

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November 2014

Byzantine Studies Conference
6-9 November 2014, Vancouver, Canada
John Smedley

American Musicological Society
6-9 November 2014, Milwaukee, WI
Heidi Bishop, Laura Macy and Eleazer Durfee

Architecture and the Humanities Research Association
13-15 November 2014, Newcastle, UK
Val Rose

Society for Ethnomusicology
13-16 November 2014, Pittsburgh, PA
Emma Gallon

American Society of Criminology
19-22 November 2014, San Francisco
Alison Kirk

American Academy of Religion
22-25 November 2014, San Diego
Sarah Lloyd and Luana Life

Middle East Studies Association
22-25 November 2014, Washington DC
Eleazer Durfee

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