The Prints of John Piper: Quality and Experiment

A Catalogue Raisonné 1923-91: Revised and Expanded Edition

The Prints of John Piper: Quality and Experiment LOOK INSIDE
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  • Imprint: Lund Humphries
  • Illustrations: Includes 428 colour and 60 b&w illustrations
  • Published: November 2010
  • Format: 305 x 245 mm
  • Extent: 232 pages
  • Binding: Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-1-84822-063-8
  • Short ISBN: 9781848220638
  • BL Reference: 769.9'2
  • LoC Number: 2010925832
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  • Edition: Third Edition
  • Compiled and Edited by Orde Levinson, With Essays by David Fraser Jenkins and Orde Levinson
  • This is an expanded and revised edition of Orde Levinson's definitive catalogue raisonné of the prints of John Piper: an essential reference book for collectors, curators, prints specialists and art historians, and an invaluable visual resource for all those with an interest in Piper's prolific and varied printmaking output.

    John Piper (1903-92) was one of the most versatile and interesting British artists of the twentieth century and was at the cutting edge of many elements of the British art scene. Although best known for his paintings, Piper has achieved the highest respect for his works in stained glass and ceramics, his stage, set and costume designs, art-critical writings, and his large corpus of prints. The prints are innovative, lively and continuously challenge the medium.

    First published in 1987, and reissued with a complete prints catalogue in 1996 following Piper's death, the book has been thoroughly updated for this new edition, incorporating a new essay by David Fraser Jenkins on Piper's extraordinary experimental prints of the mid-1960s; a new Introduction by Orde Levinson; an up-to-date Bibliography and expanded lists of Designs, Exhibitions, Illustrations and Public Collections; unseen archival photographs; and a completely updated page-design, as well as the standard indexes of prints, portfolios, printers and publishers, and incorrect titles.

    All catalogued prints are illustrated (with all colour works reproduced in colour), and the corpus of prints includes etchings, aquatints, wood engravings, lithographs and screenprints. The reference material is now certainly the most comprehensive ever compiled on Piper, and allows the reader to survey the development of his artistic concerns, interests and work.
  • Contents: Foreword and Acknowledgements, Orde Levinson; Introduction to the new edition, Orde Levinson; Preface to the 1996 edition, Myfanwy Piper; Acknowledgements to the 1996 edition; Experiment & Quality, Orde Levinson; Subject and Technique in Piper's Printmaking, David Fraser Jenkins; Biographical Notes; Working with Printers; Extracts from Writings by Piper; The Organisation of the Catalogue; Short Forms and Abbreviations; Catalogue of Prints; Index of Prints; Incorrect Titles; Portfolios; Printers; Publishers; Prints in Public Collections; Illustrations by John Piper; Paramats; Exhibitions; Designs; Written Works by Piper; Writings about John Piper.
  • About the Author: Orde Levinson lives and works in Oxford. He has written poems, plays and art-historical essays, and his published books include two on John Muafangejo (The African Dream: Visions of Love and Sorrow and I was Loneliness). His paintings, sculptures and prints have been exhibited. He is currently working on a number of projects including a screenplay.
  • Reviews: 'A compendium of great usefulness, and an important building block in the structuring of John Piper's reputation'
    Frances Spalding, 2009

    'Orde's editing has been meticulous in execution and inexhaustable in research. It is, however, not only a work of scholarship but one of enthusiasm and love' (Myfanwy Piper, 1996)