Paperback144 PagesSize: 270 x 228 x 20 mm
ISBN: 9781848221024Publication: January 27, 2012



Kurt Jackson

A New Genre of Landscape Painting

Bel Mooney, Mark Cocker, Howard Jacobson, Helen Dunmore, Mike Tooby, Philip Marsden, Richard Mabey, Tim Smit, Bill Hare, John Russell Taylor, and William Packer

£19.99 GBP

  • First book to explore Kurt Jackson's career to date
  • Written by an impressive roll-call of writers, critics and scholars
  • Includes images created by Jackson in his role as official Artist-in-Residence at Glastonbury Festival


Exploring the career to date of artist and environmentalist Kurt Jackson (b.1961), this visually rich publication, now available as an attractive paperback, has at its centre the artist and the natural world. Jackson's paintings are set in places that he has travelled to and explored regularly, and are created by an individual with a deep understanding of natural history and ecology, politics and environmental issues.

Described in the Financial Times as 'one of Britain's most compelling contemporary painters', Jackson has had a distinguished career spanning almost thirty years. An Oxbridge graduate in zoology, Jackson travelled widely before settling in Cornwall in 1984 both to immerse himself in the arts and become more involved in his commitment to the environment. For Jackson, the fleeting impression is not of interest - in all his paintings his aim is to convey his feelings and sense of awareness of a particular environment that he knows intimately.

Offering insights into the extensive range of materials and techniques that the artist uses, Kurt Jackson provides the definitive account of this fascinating artist's career to date and as such is essential reading for anyone interested in 21st-century British art.

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