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Hardback208 PagesSize: 260 × 220 mm
30 B&W illustrations and 70 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848221628Publication: July 28, 2017

Frederick Walker and the Idyllists

Donato Esposito


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  • Brings to light the neglected work of 19th-century watercolourist and graphic artist Frederick Walker and his Idyllist contemporaries, who were highly revered in their lifetimes
  • Reproduces 100 works of art mostly from public collections in the UK, US and Australia, many of which will be a revelation to those unfamiliar with the work of these artists


This is the first book in over a century to examine the important work of the watercolour artist and illustrator Frederick Walker (1840–1875) and his closest artistic allies. He was greatly admired (and collected) by Vincent van Gogh and was described by Millais as ‘the greatest artist of the century’ and yet his premature death at the age of 35 cut short his promising career. Walker, together with his close friends George John Pinwell (1842–1875) and John William North (1842–1924), forged new artistic identities that sought the perfection of the world around them and the distillation of beauty from seemingly mundane subjects.

Donato Esposito focuses successive chapters on the lives and works of each of the core members of Walker’s group, charting their unconventional journey from a loosely bound collective rooted in the London-based black-and-white world of commercial illustration to a renowned grouping known as the Idyllists, respected and eagerly collected by galleries and private individuals in Europe, America and Australia.

The book, which reproduces many of the Idyllists’ works in colour for the first time, represents a vital contribution to the literature on Victorian art and restores the Idyllists to their rightful place in the history of British 19th-century art.

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