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Hardback160 PagesSize: 240 × 170 mm
ISBN: 9781848222762Publication: September 07, 2020

The Provenance Research Handbook

Edited by Arthur Tompkins and contributions by Leila Amineddoleh, Tess Davis, Amelie Ebbinghaus, Sharon Flescher, Gareth Fletcher, Andrea Lehmann, Simon Mackenzie, Jennifer Mass, Marc Masurovsky, Ariane Moser, James Ratcliffe, Jason Sousa, Marie Stolberg, and Donna Yates


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  • An essential reference guide to the complex subject of provenance research in the visual arts
  • Accessibly written by a range of international experts with fascinating real-world experience of the subject

This is the first accessible reference handbook to cover key aspects of provenance research for the international art market. It guides the reader from a basic introduction to research methods to questions of ethics and the challenges of specific case histories and contexts.

Provenance research is a crucial component of any art-market transaction. Without a provenance it is often difficult to establish a work’s authenticity, its true value or who has legal title. Whether buying, selling or simply maintaining an artwork in either a private or a public collection, the days when a blind eye could be turned to the history (or the lack of a known history) of a work have long gone. Proper, thorough and effective provenance research is the minimum required and demanded in today’s art world – a world that is increasingly recognising the need for greater and more effective self-regulation in the face of fakes, forgeries and challenges to ownership or authenticity that are now commonplace.

The Provenance Research Handbook is the essential reference tool for anyone involved in the art world, including provenance researchers, owners or would-be owners, sellers of artworks, galleries, auction houses, collectors, dealers, museums, galleries, police and art lawyers.
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