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Hardback144 PagesSize: 280 × 240 mm
100 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9781848223479Publication: July 03, 2019
Series: Contemporary Painters Series

Bernard Frize

David Rhodes


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  • Coincides with a major survey exhibition of Bernard Frize's paintings opening at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in May 2019
  • David Rhodes reconsiders the critical reception of Frize’s work from the 1970s to the present , reviewing its current preeminent place in both the critical canon and the art market
  • Frize’s recent works are fascinating paradoxes of the gestural and mechanical which appear to index the painting process, yet under uniformly smooth surfaces


This is the first full-length monograph on the paintings of Bernard Frize (b.1949), an artist whose work straddles movements and styles from Colour Field to Minimalism, Fluxus, and Conceptual Art. Frize's works utilise a carefully constructed range of tools, processes, choreography and collaboration to catalogue, in complex and unexpected abstract form and colour, the possibilities of his chosen materials.

Emerging from the politicised 1970s onwards, Frize swam against the tide of opinion regarding painting’s apparent obsolescence to develop a painting practice that could express political commitment and social concerns, while avoiding both overt statement and pure decoration.

David Rhodes’ text provides a detailed consideration of Frize’s development, from the earliest works onwards. Placing his paintings in a broader art-historical and philosophical context, a wider conversation about painting itself is presented alongside Frize's significant place within the medium's history.

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