Hardcover160 PagesSize: 270 x 228 mm
40 colour illustrations and 60 B&W illustrations
ISBN: 9781848222724Publication: June 18, 2018

Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

Edited by Eleanor Clayton and Emily Riddle

£35.00 GBP

Available for preorder: this book will be shipped on its publication date of June 18, 2018

  • Published to accompany a major exhibition at the Hepworth, Wakefield, 22 June–7 October 2018
  • The first book to consider the the photography of Lee Miller in relation to Surrealism in Britain and alongside artworks by key Surrealist artists
  • The first book to offer detailed analysis and sourcings of Miller's Surrealist collages


Lee Miller (1907–1977) moved to London in the late 1930s, just as a rich strand of Surrealist practice was burgeoning in Britain. Miller was central to its development and prolonged life after World War II, exhibiting alongside British Surrealists such as Eileen Agar and Henry Moore in often overlooked London exhibitions. This book is the first to present Lee Miller’s photographs of, and collaborations with
key British Surrealists alongside their artworks, to tell the story of this exciting cultural moment.

Miller’s photographs of noted continental Surrealists such as Max Ernst and E.L.T Mesens, taken while they were working and exhibiting in Britain, also feature alongside their works, documenting their enduring friendships with Miller and her husband, the artist Roland Penrose. Miller's interdisciplinary photographic practice acted as a conduit for the dispersal of Surrealist images out of the realm of fine art and into the worlds of fashion, commercial photography and journalism.

A vital study for all students and enthusiasts of Surrealism and those enthralled by the enigmatic Lee Miller, this book reveals the social and cultural networks in which she was embedded, offering a holistic view of her work and the life of the Surrealist movement in Britain.

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