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Hardback144 PagesSize: 200 × 130 mm
50 B&W illustrations
ISBN: 9781848223301Publication: February 24, 2022
Series: Concise Guides to Planning

Healthy Cities?

Design for Well-being

Tim Townshend

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  • A topical and holistic exploration of how the design of cities and planning policies can affect our physical, mental and social health and well-being

The ways in which urban areas have evolved over the past 100 years have deeply influenced the lives of the communities that live in them. Some influences have been positive and, in the UK, people are healthier and live longer than ever before. However, other influences have contributed to health inequalities and poorer well-being for some in society. Today many people suffer as a consequence of ‘lifestyle diseases’, such as those associated with growing obesity rates and harmful consumption of alcohol. The threat of these health issues is so acute that life expectancy of future generations may begin to decline.

Healthy Cities? explores the ways in which the development of the built environment has contributed to health and well-being problems and how the physical design of the places we live in may support, or constrain, healthy lifestyle choices. It sets out how understanding these relationships more fully may lead to policy and practice that reduces health inequalities, increases well-being and allows people to live more flourishing, fulfilling lives. It examines the consequences of ‘car orientated’ design,  the ‘toxic’ High Street, and poor quality, cramped housing; and the importance of nature in cities, and of initiatives such as community gardening, healthy food programmes and Park Run. It questions whether Heritage is always conducive to well-being and offers lessons from holistic and innovative programmes from the UK, North America and Australia which have successfully improved community and individual health and well-being.

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