Hardback128 PagesSize: 245 x 245 x 18 mm
ISBN: 9780853318521Publication: January 28, 2003
Also available: Paperback

Jeanne Masoero

A Survey

Edited by Sacha Craddock

£45.00 GBP

The art of Jeanne Masoero is instantly recognisable. In this, the first full survey of her work, Sacha Craddock shows how, after her formative years spent in Italy and then London, where she was a graduate of the Slade, Jeanne Masoero has followed a long path of searching technical and spiritual development with an unshakable individuality. Her concern with colour, light and spatial depth has been evident from the great clouds and glowing bars of colour of the first London exhibitions at the Angela Flowers Gallery and the Hayward, to the mature work where, using her own unique method of composition, she creates thousands of tiny grains of colour which - seeming themselves to hover between matter and energy, colour and light - cluster, collide or stream out like galactic organisms across a pure white field of cosmic space. Further critical essays by Guy Brett and Sarah Kent deal with Jeanne Masoero's art in the context of contemporary currents of thought. Edward Rutherfurd's biographical essay includes an account of her family's links to the Italian partisans and her perilous wartime journey to Britain.

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