Paperback208 PagesSize: 234 × 156 × 24 mm
ISBN: 9781848221383Publication: June 28, 2014

'Georgina Adam expertly unpicks the oblique machinations of the art market with a deft hand and a clear voice to reveal an intoxicating world of glamour, greed and fine art.' Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor

Big Bucks

The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century

Georgina Adam

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  • The book updates the existing literature on the recent shifts in the market for modern and contemporary art, and clarifies the distinct roles played by its various actors and institutions
  • The author incorporates fascinating detail from her personal experience of the events described and her familiarity with many of the art market’s key players
  • The author’s impressive journalistic career is reflected in her ability to discuss complex events and phenomena in a lively way that is accessible to a broad audience

This highly readable and timely book explores the transformation of the modern and contemporary art market in the 21st century from a niche trade to a globalised operation worth an estimated $50 billion a year.

Drawing on her personal experience, the author describes in fascinating detail the contributions made by a range of actors and institutions to these recent developments. The book focuses on the development of auction houses into globalised, often cutthroat 'art business' firms; the emergence and modi operandi of 'mega-dealers' and middlemen; the 'new frontier' of selling art on the internet; the radical changes in the profile of art collectors; the phenomenon of the 'branded' artist and the explosion of art fairs. It addresses the negative side to the art market's expansion, particularly its lack of transparency and light regulation.

The author's engaging style makes this informative text ideal for collectors, students, and anyone interested in learning more about the evolution of the unprecedented market for art which exists today.

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