Book of the Month April 2023: Ivon Hitchens

Peter Khoroche's study of Ivon Hitchens is this month's Book of the Month, chosen by our friends at Pallant House Gallery Bookshop. Use the code MONTH20 at checkout to get 20% off during April.


'With many museums and galleries struggling to attract as many visitors as before the pandemic, Pallant House Gallery has been fortunate in hosting one of its most popular ever exhibitions. As Sussex Landscape: Chalk, Wood and Water enters its last few weeks, its popularity shows no sign of abating – a testament to the distinctive appeal of the Sussex countryside. In addition to featuring celebrated works by William Blake, J.M.W. Turner and John Constable, it is also a treasure trove of 20th-century British art – most notably, the work of Ivon Hitchens. It is perhaps only natural then that we should want to highlight Peter Khoroche’s book, a title which has sold brilliantly during the show and represents an exemplary survey of the artist.

Characterised by their vibrant colours and loose, gestural brushwork, Hitchens’ paintings are immediately recognisable for their immediacy and dynamism. Not content to simply replicate the rolling hills and wooded glades which typify the Sussex landscape, Hitchens provides an emotional and spiritual account of inhabiting such places, affording the same emphasis to the experience of looking as to the particulars of the scenes portrayed. Peter Khoroche, in this celebrated monograph, provides a detailed account of this style, tracing his development from a broadly conventional landscape painter into a practitioner of ‘figurative abstraction’. Generously illustrated with examples of his work (from his nudes to his large-scale murals), Ivon Hitchens is the authoritative guide to this artist’s remarkable life and oeuvre.'

–  Joshua Blackman, Pallant House Gallery Bookshop 


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‘Sussex Landscape: Chalk, Wood and Water’ runs at Pallant House Gallery until 23rd April. The exhibition catalogue is available to purchase, along with a wide range of books, prints and gifts.

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