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Lund Humphries UK office:

Huckletree Shoreditch
The Alphabeta Building
18 Finsbury Square
London, EC2A 1AH, UK 

Tel: +44 020 7440 7530

Contact the Lund Humphries team:

Lucy Myers – Managing Director
Lucy Clark – Commissioning Editor, Modern and Contemporary Art
Erika Gaffney – Commissioning Editor, Art History (freelance)                              
Val Rose – Commissioning Editor, Architecture and Design                                 
Rebeccah Williams - Editorial Coordinator
Sarah Thorowgood – Head of Editorial, Design and Production
Alex Batten – Print Buyer (freelance)
Eleanor Hooker – Head of Sales and Marketing                                         
Meris Ryan-Goff  Marketing and Publicity Manager
Darren Wise – Finance Director
Nigel Farrow  Chairman