Book of the Month October 2022: Dorothea Tanning: Transformations

Victoria Carruthers' monograph Dorothea Tanning: Transformations is the first stand-alone survey of the work and life of artist, writer and poet Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012), and as such is the definitive study, positioning her as one of the most fascinating and significant creative forces to emerge during the 20th century.

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This book provides a framework within which to consider the range and depth of Tanning's work, well beyond the better-known early Surrealist works of the 1940s, and makes connections between her life experiences and thematic preoccupations. Extensively illustrated and featuring unpublished material from interviews which the author conducted with the artist between 2000 and 2009, this book will appeal to the general museum-going public as well as academics, students, curators and collectors.

"Tanning herself maintained, that in hindsight all the work produced over her 70 year (or more) career, were steps along the same path in which the same preoccupations and obsessions would surface and resurface again and again. In each return there is there is always a sense of something otherworldly, something full of possibility, happening within the confines of everyday existence. The implication of this is that the extra-ordinary is folded into the fabric of everyday life, that each moment holds imaginative potential for all of us." - Victoria Carruthers
You can read an interview with author Victoria Carruthers on the Lund Humphries features blog HERE.


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