Heath Robinson's Commercial Art

Heath Robinson (1872–1944) is fondly regarded for his mischievous, gently comic illustrations that have been enjoyed for generations. 

Born in Finsbury Park, North London, he trained at Islington School of Art before moving to the Royal Academy Schools. Originally with a desire to be a landscape painter, he was forced to find a more readily saleable art-form, and so entered the world of advertising. 




In September of this year we published our book Heath Robinson's Commercial Art, written by Geoffrey Beare. The book includes a large number of images that have not been reproduced since their original printing, and also provides a complete overview of Heath Robinson's commercial art. It is based on over thirty years of research and includes a complete list of Robinson's advertising drawings. 




The book accompanies an exhibition opening on 2 December 2017 at the Heath Robinson Museum in north-west London. The exhibition celebrates his most memorable advertising commissions, from whisky to bread, steel fabrication to leather, for nearly 100 clients including major brands such as Johnnie Walker and Hovis. Lasting until 18 February 2018, tickets for the exhibition can be bought here