Our new book Prefab Housing and the Future of Building, edited by Matthew Aichison, is now available in the UK and in the US. 

The book provides a timely insight into the promise of prefabricated housing and the idea of a more industrialised approach to house building which designers, inventors, engineers, builders, developers, and entrepreneurs have all been fascinated by since the 19th century. However, the international housing affordability crises, emerging technologies, and concerns for more sustainable building practices have given a new urgency to the need to transform building construction in the 21st century and prefab is being seen as a possible solution. 

One of Joseph Eichler's developments at Lucas Valley, California in 1962
© Ernest Braun


Richly illustrated and drawing on historical examples and contemporary design studies, it is the first book to provide an international history of prefab and modular housing as well as suggesting a future scenario for industrialised house building that will both challenge the existing industry and stimulate the public imagination.

Blu Homes 'Breezehouse', 2015. Proprietary folding systems allowed for larger internal spaces than other volumetric systems. 
© Blu Homes

The beautifully illustrated book is edited by Mathew Aitchison and includes contributions from leading international experts Toktam Bashirzadeh Tabrizi, Anne Beim, Rachel Couper, Robert Doe, Dan Engström, Helena Lidelöw, Duncan Maxwell, John Macarthur, Jonathan Nelson, Masa Noguchi, Marc Norman, Martin Rudberg, Ivan Rupnik, Ryan Smith, Lars Stehn, and Jose Torero Cullen.

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