John Wonnacott: A Biographical Study by Charles Saumarez Smith

Charles Saumarez Smith has written a summary version of his forthcoming book about John Wonnacott for the ArtUK website, based on the works by Wonnacott in British public collections. 
If this inspires you to find out more about this fascinating artist, you can pre-order the beautifully designed book from the Lund Humphries website now! (Publication 5th September)


 John Wonnacott, Self-portrait with apple for G, oil on canvas © the artist. Photo credit: courtesy of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.


"One of many things that I like about Art UK is the way that it documents the work of artists who – except, maybe, amongst other painters – have fallen out of fashion and are pretty invisible. Preserved in the storerooms of museums and private collections, these artists wait for historians to reconstruct their careers.

One of these is John Wonnacott, an artist who was well established in the 1980s and taught by Frank Auerbach and Michael Andrews at the Slade School of Art in the early 1960s..." 

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