A look inside... Young Poland

Edited by Julia Griffin and Andrzej Szczerski
In this blog we hope to give you a visual insight into the first book in any language to explore the Young Poland (Młoda Polska) period in the context of the international Arts and Crafts movements. We have also included some of the praise that the book has received since it was first published in December 2020, as well as two videos about the book and the artistic movement. Young Poland has recently been shortlisted for the CAA's Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award.
'The book is well-researched and beautifully illustrated. With such diverse work within a single movement, the illustrations take on particular importance. It provides a helpful overview of the movement, its key people, places and ideas. Then, a series of seven studies of objects and crafts practices provides more in-depth perspectives.' - Studio International
'This beautiful book lifts the lid on the story of Młoda Polska, or Young Poland. While other countries had their Art Nouveau, Vienna its Secession, and Britain its Arts and Crafts Movement, for Poland, around 1900, this was its emerging and unique arts moment.' - The Arts Society (The Best New Art Books to Enjoy this Month)
'The spirit of Young Poland deserves the attention this book gives.' - Art Quarterly magazine
Praise for Young Poland:
Learn more about the research project behind the book and the exhibition: 

The book is the culmination of an international research project and a collaboration between Lund Humphries, the William Morris Gallery (WMG), National Museum in Kraków (NMK) and the Polish Cultural Institute, London (PCI). The images used in this blog are courtesy of the book's designer, Adrian Hunt.

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