ONLINE DISCUSSION 31 March 2022: Creative Leadership by Rama Gheerawo


Event time: 31 March at 4-5pm BST

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Design.Leadership : Creative Leadership: Born from Design a new book on contemporary leadership by Rama Gheerawo

The majority of existing models of leadership are fractured and outdated. This new book draws on practice and research over the last decade at the Royal College of Art. It looks at how creativity can become a powerful tool for individuals and organisations to step up to the changes that are staring us in the face!

Eliza Williams, editor at Creative Review will be in dialogue with the author Rama Gheerawo. They will speak about his new book and the vibrant role that design can play in leadership. They will be joined by a panel of speakers whose work appears in the book.

This new book takes you on a journey of personal growth and organisational transformation based on three human values, that often go unrecognised and undervalued by individuals and organisations globally. It asks the questions:

  • How can creativity fix broken models of leadership?
  • Empathy is core to leadership, but what other values balance it?
  • What does leading with empathy mean? How can individuals and organisations develop empathic leadership skills?
  • How do you achieve clarity in practice?

This is a book for three types of people. Established leaders, emerging leaders and the biggest group of all – those who were never billed to be leaders. It is for the creative that lives in every human. It shares strategies for change, stories of challenge, celebrates success and voices aspiration. As Rama says:

'I have always held the belief that a more creative approach can help us reduce the many fractures, hates and hurts on this planet of ours.'

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