New Books for Spring 2022

Our Spring 2022 list travels widely: from hot topics to unexplored historical niches; from the landscapes of Northern art to the houses of modern Japan; and from the art of love to the art of activism. There is polemic and argument, biography and story-telling, meticulous art-historical research, and professional wisdom. These are also beautiful books, designed and produced to be enjoyed as objects as much as for their information and research. 

Wishing you a stimulating journey through the Lund Humphries Spring 2022 programme, and an enjoyable visual feast. Scroll down the list below for a quick survey of what's coming up, and click through to each book's website page for more detail.  

New Books on Art, Artists and the Art World

Paul Nash: Designer and Illustrator by James King, publishing January 2022. Exploring the ways in which painting, applied design and illustration intertwined over the course of the accomplished career of Paul Nash (1889-1946), this book provides a new perspective on one of the most gifted and celebrated English artists of the twentieth century.
Excursions of Imagination: 100 Great British Drawings from the Huntington's Collection by Melinda McCurdy, Ann Bermingham and Christina Nelson, publishing January 2022. Showcases 100 stunning British works on paper, many of them never published before, by the acknowledged masters of the medium—J. M. W. Turner, Thomas Girtin, John Constable, and Henry Fuseli—as well as artists associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement and such modernists as David Bomberg and Paul Nash. 
Artemisia Gentileschi by Sheila Barker (Illuminating Women Artists series), publishing February 2022. Examines the entire career of Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-c.1654), including newly discovered paintings by the artist.
Woodland Imagery in Northern Art, c.1500-1800 by Leopoldine van Hogendorp Prosperetti (Northern Lights series), publishing March 2022. Explores the concept of 'lyrical naturalism' within the work of the great masters of Northern art, including Claude Lorrain, Jan van Eyck, Jacob van Ruisdael, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci, amongst others.
Bernini and his World: Sculpture and Sculptors in Early Modern Rome by Livio Pestilli, publishing March 2022. An exploration of Gian Lorenzo Bernini the sculptor which offers new insights, including discussion of the artist’s stylistic innovations and the ways in which he approached his sculptures.
Dennis Creffield: Art and Life by Richard Cork, with a foreword by Howard Jacobson, publishing April 2022. Drawing on revelatory interviews for the British Library's 'Artists' Lives' series, this is the first major monograph on the painter Dennis Creffield (1931-2018). 
Rudolph Ihlee: The Road to Collioure by James Trollope, publishing May 2022. The first book to explore the life and work of Rudolph Ihlee (1883-1968), uncovering Ihlee's artistic trail in the South of France and Spain in the lead up to the Spanish Civil War and the German occupation of France.
William Turnbull: International Modern Artist by Jon Wood with a foreword by Nicholas Serota, publishing June 2022. Art historians, curators, critics and artists each present their unique interpretation of the work of William Turnbull (1922-2012) in his centenary year, an innovative artist who determinedly followed his own path, drawing on influences as diverse as ancient cultures and contemporary music.
Vermeer and the Art of Love  by Aneta Georgievska-Shine (Northern Lights series), publishing June 2022. The first book to explore the theme of love in Vermeer's oeuvre, not merely in a romantic sense but also as a spiritual attitude towards the visible world.
The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art by Gregory Sholette (New Directions in Contemporary Art), publishing June 2022. A timely and accessible exploration of contemporary activist art and artistic activism by a respected scholar and practitioner of many years' standing.
Memory Art in the Contemporary Art World: Confronting Violence in the Global South by Andreas Huyssen (New Directions in Contemporary Art), publishing June 2022. A fascinating study of the aesthetic strategies used by contemporary artists from the global South to deal with national trauma.
Curating Art Now by Lilian Cameron (Hot Topics in the Art World), publishing June 2022. An engaging and up-to-date assessment of the state, shape and future of art curating in a changing world.

New Books on Architecture and Design

Revolution? Architecture and the Anthropocene by Susannah Hagan publishing January 2022. In four sharp, interlocking essays, this book asks why the majority of the architectural profession and its clients still only pay lip service to the importance of the environmental. 

Healthy Cities: Design for Well-Being by Tim Townshend (Concise Guides to Planning), publishing February 2022. A topical and holistic exploration of how the design of cities and planning policies can affect our physical, mental and social health and well-being. 

Creative Leadership: Born from Design by Rama Gheerawo, publishing in March 2022 (Designing Now series).  In our post-pandemic world there is a need for new forms of leadership that are above all more creative. This informative and accessible book examines whether designers can actually be leaders and, if so, whether they can be better leaders because of their creative capability.

20th Century Japan in 20 Modern Buildings by John Barr, publishing March 2022. By selecting specific buildings that have something particular to say about the development of modern Japan, this book creates a compelling narrative, which places at least equal emphasis on historical, political, social and economic factors as on architectural influences.

Safe as Houses: The More-than-Human Home by Rachel Armstrong (Designing Now series), publishing April 2022. Examines the notion of the home in the context of the pandemic and lockdown, relating domestic architecture to environmental concerns.

Expanding Field of Architecture: Women in Practice Across the Globe by Marcia Feuerstein, Jodi La Coe and Paola Zellner Bassett, publishing May 2022. With over 400 illustrations, including beautiful colour photography and architectural drawings, this book features outstanding works from forty leading women architects across the globe.

Remote Practices: Architecture at a Distance by Matthew Mindrup and Lilian Chee, publishing June 2022. Brings together leading architectural thinkers, including Joan Ockman, Paul Emmons, Naomi Stead, Philip Ursprung and Jane Rendell, to discuss how architecture is created and discussed at a distance.

Nick Eldridge by Dominic Bradbury publishing June 2022. A comprehensive survey of the wide-ranging urban and rural houses designed by Manser Medal award-winning architect Nick Eldridge, featuring 100 colour images and over 50 plans and sections.

The Wooden Architecture of Northern Europe: From the Viking Era to the 20th Century by John B. Hilling, publishing June 2022. The first book to offer a comprehensive survey of how wood has been used as the main building material of this region, creating the remarkable historic buildings which have influenced leading modern Scandinavian architects.